Wall Hanging Mahatma Buddha Plain Normal Frame
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Wall Hanging Mahatma Buddha Plain Normal Frame

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  • Category: Wall Hanging
  • Genre: Religious
  • Sub Genre: Others
  • Figure/Artwork: Mahatma Buddha
  • Style: Plain
  • Framework: Normal Frame
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  •   #WH8510 - 7" x 5"  -  $15.80
  •   #WH3670 - 8" x 6"  -  $23.00
  •   #WH6158 - 9" x 7"  -  $29.00
  •   #WH3279 - 10" x 8"  -  $33.80
  •   #WH5383 - 13" x 10"  -  $51.96
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The Buddha in Hinduism is sometimes viewed as an Avatar of Vishnu. In the Puranic text Bhagavata Purana,he is the twenty-fourth of twenty-five avatars, prefiguring a forthcoming final incarnation.Similarly,a number of Hindu traditions portray Buddha as the most recent (ninth) of ten principal avatars,known as the Daśāvatāra (Ten Incarnations of God).The Buddhist Dasharatha Jataka (Jataka Atthakatha 461) represents Rama as a previous incarnation of the Buddha as a Bodhisattva and supreme Dharma King of great wisdom.

Buddha's teachings deny the authority of the Vedas and consequently Buddhism is generally viewed as a nāstika school (heterodox, literally "It is not so"from the perspective of orthodox Hinduism.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gautama_Buddha_in_Hinduism
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