Pleasant Times Industries is a World famous company in making top quality traditional wooden games since 1982. We make Classic board games, puzzles ranging from chess sets, dominoes, backgammon, cribbage, maze games and many more. Our craftsmen are expert in making excellent wooden items as they have inherited the artistic dexterity from generation to generation.

We have been exporting our above range of products to all over the world since 1982 and now we are pleased to introduce the limited edition new concept of art of cravings on exotic hardwoods under the brand name of 'Pleasantino' in our Indian home market.

These unique and distinct wood carvings in natural color and grains of wood have been specially created keeping in mind the subtle taste of connoisseurs of art who want nothing but the best. The 'Pleasantino' brand range includes wall hangings from flat to 3D style, jewellery / gift boxes, car / desktop accessories, souvenirs, corporate gifts, home decor and wooden classic games. These rare and gorgeous artistic creations make one the proud owner of masterpiece hardly available elsewhere.

We have been making these rare wood carvings since 2007 and due to dedication in maintaining the quality control in workmanship and craftsmanship has won accolades from the public especially the art overs and enthusiasts. The ever increasing demand for these fine quality wood carvings is the testimony to hard work put up by our dedicated artisans who have mastered the fine art of making top quality products.

Enthrall yourself by viewing our great selection of deity syands, wall hangings & desktop accessories available in wide variety of designs and combinations at such a reasonable prices, you can hardly refuse to possess these beauties. View our fantastic and wide range of exquisite unique 3D wall hangings which are hardly available elsewhere. These are not the ordinary kind of products which are abundantly available in shops and department stores. Because of the quality and craftsmanship of our products, we are experiencing increasing demand, which indicates the choice of the people for such fine items. We don't use screen paints or colors, all our products are carved on natural woods like bloodwood, maple, golden rosewood, amercian cherry and rosewood.

When you shop with us, you get our products at moderate prices. The main reason behind is that you are buying from the manufacturer and not from re-sellers. Starting from procuring fine quality of wood and shaping the deities by our artisans, there is no third person involved, you get the benefit of low prices while also having the heirloom quality.

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